Remembering how much holiday I have

Like many people (in the UK at least) I have a certain number of paid holiday days from work per year. I already have a personal calendar and a work calendar. When I book time… »

Chill the fuck out

I wrote this a while ago and never published it, because I didn't think it really "said" very much. But reading it again today, having had a busy time at work recently made me decide… »

My custom £500 clock

When I was setting up my home office last year I was on the hunt for a nice, simple clock for my desk. Something easy to read, but unobtrusive. As ever, I was quite picky… »

I hacked my SD card reader

My MacBook Pro has a built in SD card slot, but when I went travelling I took a 11 inch MacBook Air with me which doesn't have one. I already had an "all-in-one" card reader… »

Websites are getting fat

I visited a website recently that "weighed" 22MB. Twenty two megabytes, Gzipped. That's ridiculous. Over recent years there's been an increase in average page weight, weight in this context being the overall size of all… »