Your passwords are terrible (probably)

Think of your password – if you can, it's probably terrible. It's probably the one you use for everything, but you add a number or change a letter each time so it's fine. Yeah, that one.… »

This is my kind of selfie

Being both the photographer and the rider for this shot was a little tricky. Finding the right location took a little while too, several miles into our ride. What you can't see in this photo… »

Remembering how much holiday I have

Like many people (in the UK at least) I have a certain number of paid holiday days from work per year. I already have a personal calendar and a work calendar. When I book time… »

Chill the fuck out

I wrote this a while ago and never published it, because I didn't think it really "said" very much. But reading it again today, having had a busy time at work recently made me decide… »

My custom £500 clock

When I was setting up my home office last year I was on the hunt for a nice, simple clock for my desk. Something easy to read, but unobtrusive. As ever, I was quite picky… »