Adventures in Home Printing | Part Two

"It's pretty heavy" warned the delivery driver as he passed the huge box over to me. He wasn't joking, the side of the box said 26kg. I signed scrawled my initials and made an inane… »

Adventures in Home Printing | Part One

My wife groaned as I weighed up the pros and cons of another photo printer for the Nth time aloud over breakfast, which came after a week or so of printer related pondering. Step back… »

Setting up my Home Office

I made the decision (with my wife's input) to go freelance while we were travelling and was lucky that the house we'd already verbally agreed to rent on our return would have a separate room… »

Photographing a Graduation

Many of you will probably have seen some photos from the graduation I shot recently. This was the graduation of my brother in law and so while it wasn't paid work I aimed to get… »