Photographing a Graduation

Many of you will probably have seen some photos from the graduation I shot recently. This was the graduation of my brother in law and so while it wasn't paid work I aimed to get… »

Do I need a Web Designer or a Web Developer?

As with anything, until you're familiar with things even seemingly simple concepts can be confusing. This seems especially true when it comes to technical topics. So in this not-technical-at-all explainer I hope to clear up… »

It's damn quiet here

I've been busy travelling and writing posts over on and have neglected to post any of my quite wonderful musings on here since last June, before we set out on our adventure. And… »

Cullmann Neomax 240 – A super lightweight travel tripod

The Cullmann Neomax range of tripods are super lightweight travel tripods, they come in three different heights and are designed for smaller cameras. I considered many different tripods before ordering the Neomax: Gorilla Pod Pedco… »