My dad is a builder, a good one.

I’ve learnt a lot from him.

That’s great but what does it have to do with being a web developer?

When my dad goes to look at a job he’s thinking about all the practicalities and taking educated guesses at issues that might arise. He’s planning the stages of work, where he can park each day and how easy the access is. He listens to his clients’ plans and envisions the finished product. He highlights any improvements he thinks could be made and points out any concerns. He even hoovers up when the job is done.

I apply that same problem solving ethic to building and maintaining websites. I don’t just shoehorn your content into a template. I listen to your requirements, your goals and I build a site based on these. You get exactly the right site for you; it’s like having a suit tailored rather than just accepting the not quite right fit of the one you bought a few years ago and never quite liked.

Problem One

You don’t have a website but you need/want one.

You’ve already got a web designer? Great, I can get started building the site from the provided designs. No designer yet? No worries, I can provide website design services.

Problem Two

You have a website, but it’s old/not performing well/something else and you want to update it.

I can help you figure out if you would benefit from a little mainenance, a few small tweaks or a full rebuild to get your website looking and performing how it should be.

Problem Three

You have a website related scenario that isn’t one of the other two.

Sounds interesting! I’m up for a challenge. Get in touch

To get technical for a moment; I’m an experienced front end and back end developer. Which means I can do the bit a lot of other people offer; make the site look good and respond to different screen sizes plus a myriad of other things like accessibility and optimising loading times. On top of that I also do the bits behind the scenes that under pins all that; the back end work. This means I’m not limited to templates, or cobbling plugins together. I can bespoke build exactly what you need and have years of experience doing exactly that.

If you're not sure whether you need a web designer, a front end or back end web developer or even what these things mean then my short blog post “Do I need a Web Designer or a Web Developer?” might help.

I’m based in Tonbridge and am perfectly placed to work with clients across Kent and the South East. But don’t worry, even if you’re not nearby in Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells or any of the numerous towns & villages in the Weald I can work with clients from anywhere.

I’m particularly interested in working with companies/brands and individuals that are focussed on being environmentally friendly or are related to the outdoors. But don’t worry if neither of these things really describe you, just get in touch and we’ll go from there.