josh ransley

Handsome. Rugged. Lovely.
(My girlfriend's helpful suggestions when I asked her what I should write about myself)

I'm a web developer. I've worked on one page brochure sites and I've worked on the ecommerce site for a national retailer — as well as many other things in between. I regularly work with existing code, often written by other web developers and have no issue in inheriting older projects to help maintain and improve the site.

Most of my work is on a bespoke basis, providing solutions specific to the requirements of each project and this allows me a lot of flexibility and control over the final product. So if you're looking for just a brochure site or something a little more complex I can probably help to design and develop whatever it is you're after.

I'm currently based in Tonbridge, Kent and am available for freelance work locally or remotely. Please get in touch if you'd like to chat about how I might be able to help you.