Josh Ransley | Web Developer & Photographer


You found me.

That probably means you’re either looking for a web developer or a photographer or you want to read my witticisms.

If it’s one of the first two then I should probably try and convince you to hire me by rattling off my various skills and describing my technical prowess with HTML or what all the knobs and dials do on my camera.

But I’m not going to do that. Because it doesn’t matter to you what camera I use or that I understand the sometimes confusing initialisms & acronyms associated with making websites.

What matters is that I can build good looking fully functioning websites and I can take good photos. The important bits are: I’m responsive, I’m good at solving problems, I enjoy what I do, I charge fairly and I’m a nice guy.

So if you’re looking to have a website built by a freelance web developer based in Tonbridge or you’re looking for a photographer who works across Kent then get in touch. Or if you’re still not sure then take a look around, maybe go make a tea (or coffee, I’m not prescriptive) and have a bit of a think. Maybe find some other freelancers and have a look at what they offer, then come back and hire me instead.

I'm not currently taking on any new projects for 2019