A quick review of the Alpkit/Sonder Confucius bars

The Confucius bars from Alpkit are a set of bars with an extra loop on the front and are one of the many 'alt' bar styles you can get. Ignoring the extra loop on the front, they're pretty much normal mtb bars, so take basically no adjustment to get used to.

The Selcof Expedition bars seem to be the same, or at least very similar & I'm sure there's more.

This style of bar can be a great solution for mounting your bar bag/roll to, so that it doesn't foul your cables. Or, to give some extra space to mount lights etc to, which is what I wanted it for.

The issue I had was that the space between my fork crown and bar was too short to really fit my bar roll underneath the extra loop. My bar bag comes up a bit above the level of my bars, hence the need for a place to mount lights.

It fits, but it's a bit of a squeeze, it did help to keep it stable though It also gave a handy platform to strap, tuck other things

It wasn't clear from the photos of these bars what angle the extra front loop was set at relative to the rest of the bar. As it turns out, it was much too shallow/level/low for my needs.

In order to get just enough space underneath to fit the bag, I had to have the roll of the bars so far back that they had basically no upsweep – which is a subtle but noticeable difference to my normal bars. After trying the bars for a couple of 3 hour rides I found I just couldn't get used to the angle.

If I rolled the bars forward to give a more familiar amount of back & upsweep, there would have been way too little space to mount my bag as the extra loop would be angled down. Frustratingly there's no dimensions given, other than the width, so the upsweep & backsweep are a mystery.

I also found that the bars seemed to transfer more road buzz than I've ever experience before, I'd never understood reviews of handlebars talking about being forgiving, or flexy or too stiff or whatever, I just thought it was a tube of metal and that was it, but now I kinda get it. I don't know if this harshness is a result of the extra loop giving too much extra stiffness, or a character of the main bar even without it – probably both.

I really liked the idea & design of these bars but in the end they weren't quite right for me and I've swapped back to my original bars. The next thing I'll be trying it one of those cheap 'handlebar extender' things, in the hope that they're good enough to hold a light and maybe strap a small accessory bag to, on top of the main bar roll.