Bivvy a Month | March

This month's BAM wasn't a particularly exciting one. The route was 3× longer than the previous two months, but 100% more boring.

I'd planned to meet my dad for a ride at our local trails the next day, so I was working to a fixed location for a route and ended up with 35km all on tarmac.

Nothing particular happened on the way there or the way back, but as ever it was good to get out when I wouldn't have previously. The only notable thing from either ride was that the weather/temperature at moment is annoying to ride in – too warm when pedalling or when the sun peeks out, too cold down hills and in the shade.

Luckily the shelter that I half remembered being there was indeed there and proved palatial, this was almost glamping, but much appreciated as it rained on and off from sunset to sunrise.

The posh accommodation made up for the lacklustre route, and I may well find myself doing it again despite it being 100% tarmac, given the proximity to the local trails.

Breakfast facilities were similarly civilised