Bivvy a Month | October

The 'there, technically I rode my bike and slept outside' edition.

Enthusiasm to wild camp was at an all time low this month. I’d put it off with various, genuine and imagined, excuses a couple of times already.

In the end I went to a new spot, about as close as I could get to my house without being in the garden. I avoided getting muddy & wet by going very slowly and planning a route that at its most technical consisted of slightly bumpy gravel.

Some stats:

  • Straight line distance from home: 780m
  • Distance travelled: 4.5km
  • Total moving time: 22 minutes

An adventure it was not. But a night outside I wouldn’t have otherwise bothered with and therefore worthwhile and enjoyable it was – the atmospheric thick mist and deer sightings were a nice bonus.

It might have been a box ticking exercise, as many others have commented for theirs recently, but I'm glad to have the box to tick and I'm glad to have ticked it!