Favourite Bikepacking Hack

I’ve read and watched countless bikepacking blogs and videos and have never seen this tip: keep a strap on your handlebars to wrap around your brake lever when propping your bike up.

Any strap will do, but the Restrap one works well. If I was buying a strap specially for this use, I think I’d get the orange ones.

I got bored of faffing with a fully loaded bike to get it propped up against random posts, trees & gates etc; having to get it balanced just right to stop it rolling slightly and tipping over. Having a strap tightened around one of the brake levers it holds the bike without having to finesse the balance of it so much.

It’s a simple and cheap hack, but one that removes a small annoyance and makes things easier when tired. When I’m not using it, it just gets wrapped around the bars, inboard of the brake levers and it’s completely out of the way until I need it.

I’m not claiming to be the only person to do this, but I’m yet to see it recommended anywhere else.