I made pogies

My hands get cold easily when riding in cold weather and while I wear windproof gloves I find that they aren't really windproof. I also wanted to avoid wearing thicker, insulated gloves as I find them cumbersome. So, pogies seemed like a useful solution to keep the wind off my hands even more, but without adding bulk.

There's loads of options around to buy and I might end up doing so, but I'd previously bought some green ripstop nylon to use as a groundsheet but it proved way too slippery so I thought at least try making some – I wanted thin ones anyway. I'd seen a guide for making pogies on bikepacking.com, so this is loosely inspired by that, but simpler and without anything actually being measured.

I made a couple of mockups out of an old bedsheet (I find having scrap fabric like this super useful to test ideas). The first one was too small, so I just scaled it up a bit for the second then I marked and cut a couple of shapes out of the nylon.

Given that I wasn't too fussy about the neatness, I didn't make a template or anything, I just kind of winged it with each shape.

Practicing making the bit for the elastic to go thorugh

To hold the fabric in place while I ran it through the machine I taped it down with some washi tape as it's super slippery and annoying otherwise.

I found some elastic and a couple of toggles (I'll try and find a couple more, so that the bar hole can have them too, it's a bit of a faff having to have the elastic tight already) I'd wombled from somewhere and they were done. They also just about fit on a pair of curly bars for my road bike, so that's a bonus.

They'll be mostly waterproof and functionally windproof thanks to the material, and pack down super small when not needed.

A little baggy maybe, but very effective

I made a small pouch from the same material – they pack down really small!