It's damn quiet here

I've been busy travelling and writing posts over on and have neglected to post any of my quite wonderful musings on here since last June, before we set out on our adventure.

And that's a shame. It is, because my mum likes reading my blogs, even if no one else does. And I enjoy writing them. I always have, and still do, struggle with actual writing but find typing much easier. A large part of my struggle with writing at school was a combination of most of it being hand writing and writing to a mark scheme or 'formal' writing. I have no problem writing in a formal manner or using correct grammar (though I do obviously make mistakes) but I struggled to adapt my writing to how school and exams wanted it.

It became obvious why this was as soon as I finally had a dyslexia assessment, when I was at university. I confused my assessor by having good reading skills, a quick understanding of things that a dyslexic person would normally struggle with and I picked out flaws in the testing methodology. Then came the writing exercise part and I choked.

Everything that I'd struggled with at school finally made sense. I felt lighter after my assessment and vindicated, to know that I wasn't stupid or slow, but just genuinely struggled with a few key skills as many other people do.

But back to this blog. Another reason I haven't posted much on here is because I can't make up my mind on what to write posts about! I internally debate between three topics that interest me, are easy to blog about and are subjects I read other blogs about; technology/web development, photography and mountain biking/the outdoors.

But having read some sage advice on (I've linked to a specific post about blogging but he's got plenty of other good stuff on there too) I decided that I'd just write about what ever I want to write about. Including general rambling posts like this one.

So, expect some more words strung together in a semi entertaining way coming from me soon. About whatever topic I feel like writing about. Just because I want to.