My desk lamp

My desk lamp is, I think, an Anglepoise from made between 1938–1948 according to this article on dating angle poise lamps.

It spent most of its life as a work light for my Grandpa in his workshop, getting sprayed with wood dust for years. Given the estimated age of it I'm sure it was probably used somewhere else before this, but this is where I remember it being – I wasn't around before this.

Then it spent a few years sat on my parents driveway, waiting for someone to do something with it. It was covered in a layer of dust and general grime and looked a little sad.

Now it's been cleaned up, got a new bulb and it lives on my desk. It contrasts nicely against an otherwise very modern, tech-filled, desk.

Sure, a new lamp would look 'nicer' but no other lamp has spent years in my Grandpa's workshop, before ending up on my desk.