This is my kind of selfie

Being both the photographer and the rider for this shot was a little tricky. Finding the right location took a little while too, several miles into our ride.

What you can't see in this photo is that with my left hand I have one finger covering my brake lever and my thumb hooked awkwardly above the bars, pushing down on a remote trigger hooked up to my camera. My three remaining fingers holding onto the bars as I ride round the berm, trying to get the timing right.

What you also can't see is that this is not the first attempt at getting this shot, or the second. I don't know which number attempt this was.

You can't see that this isn't even one photo. It is two separate frames from the same attempt, merged together so we appear closed together.

A simple looking photo. But one that necessitated me carrying several kilos of camera gear, several miles into a Welsh forest, taking maybe a hundred separate frames and having the idea in the first place.

This is a shot of me and my dad. Riding the same berm on a Welsh mountain bike trail at Coed Y Brenin – a place we've being going to for years together.

It means a lot – that's my kind of selfie.